Founder and ceo of cocoa baby love

Penelope M. McCown

ABOUT the Founder and cocoa baby love

Penelope M. McCown is a wife, mother, and a family nurse practitioner by trade. She was inspired by her infertility journey, and ultimately by her daughter Priya, to build something greater: that is Cocoa Baby Love. This vision was birthed from Penelope’s personal struggles to conceive a child and the desire to celebrate her daughter. She realized that her struggle was not in vain and that there was a greater purpose. That purpose was to create Cocoa Baby Love. Through Cocoa Baby Love Penelope celebrates her daughter while celebrating other infants and toddlers because she believes they are truly our greatest blessings. Her desire is to also celebrate motherhood, her greatest victory. Penelope strives for Cocoa Baby Love to help serve as a platform for infertility to all and to bring awareness to infertility in the African American community. She wants to provide support for those who are going through IVF, IUI, or surrogacy, who have endured losses, or those who are struggling in any way, to conceive their blessing.