The Baby Loves

Who are the Baby Loves?

Cocoa Baby Love focuses on the importance of the celebration and empowerment of African American infants and toddlers. They are truly blessings and gifts, especially after the struggle to bring them into this world! Because of this, it is important that mothers are able to identify their individual child (or children) in the Cocoa Baby Love brand. Meet our mini brand ambassadors, the “Baby Loves”!

Baby Brave and Kid BRave

It is important that we encourage our children to be strong, fearless and courageous

Baby Unstoppable & Kid Unstoppable

Our young children will know to never give up and be determined in all that they do!

Baby and Kid Unique

While we are all unique in our own way, we must encourage our young child to truly embrace what make them different from others – We must then celebrate these differences

The Baby Loves are meant to not only represent my child and all of our children, but to empower and encourage our children ~ Penelope


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0-3 8 in 14 1/2 in
3-6 8 1/2 in 15 in
6-9 9 in 15 3/4 in
9-12 9 1/2 in 17 in